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"My 4-year-old has a crush on a boy"

QUERY: My four year outdated instructed me at a celebration that she has a weigh down on a undeniable boy from his class. I was stunned and embarrassed. My friends really feel I have been too lenient and I will have to be slightly extra strict ahead of this turns into a large issue. Your recommendation?

EXPERT: I take into account that her talking to you of a weigh down at this type of young age deeply issues you. Remember, sharing of her emotions with you reflects at the consider that she harbors in you. We need to take into accout that her figuring out of a weigh down is also different from yours. This is a standard phase of building and it is imperative that the placement be treated in a delicate and good way. You can talk to her about wholesome peer interactions. A space must be created in the circle of relatives where she is able to talk to you with out hesitation. Furthermore, she will also be engaged in different creative leisure pursuits to channelize her power in creative interests.

Dr. Sameer Malhotra is the Director, Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, Max Hospitals.

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