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'Much respect Mahi bhai': Kuldeep Yadav clarifies comments on MS Dhoni

NEW DELHI: Indian wrist spinner Kuldeep Yadav has clarified his comments made on former Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni and blamed the media as an alternative for 'false' interpretation of his remarks.

"Here we go for another made up controversies by our media who loves to make tangy rumors for no reason. Just want to throw some light on the issue that has been proliferated by some people, that the news is totally false. I didn't give any inappropriate statement about anyone. #Much respect Mahi bhai," Kuldeep posted in an Instagram story.

"There are a lot of times he (Dhoni) goes wrong but then you can't say that to him," Kuldeep joked on the sidelines of the CEAT Cricket Rating Awards on Monday.

The left-arm chinaman, on the other hand, said that Dhoni doesn't like to speak much during the sport and puts forward his views between overs best when he feels it's required.

"He doesn't speak much. He speaks only between overs if he thinks he needs to point out something," added Kuldeep.

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