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‘Hannibal' author's 6th thriller coming soon

The author of the widely-familiar fictional personality Hannibal Lecter, which featured in the Oscar-winning Silence of the Lambs, has penned some other mystery book Cari Mora with a female protagonist which is about to hit the shops next week.
This will be the 6th book of American writer Thomas Harris, and can be a non-Lecter one after his first-ever book Black Sunday (1975).

His different four books revolved around Lecter, who is described because the "great fictional monster of our time" by way of writer Stephen King. Adapted into films and tv shows, they essayed the character of a psycho-villain who murders and eats humans.

Titled Cari Mora, his 6th novel can be Harris's standalone mystery at the monsters that lurk in the "crevices between male desire and female survival".

The book's blurb tells us that "25 million dollars in cartel gold lies hidden beneath a mansion on the Miami beach waterfront. Ruthless men have tracked it for years. Leading the pack is Hans-peter Schneider. driven by unspeakable appetites, he makes a living fleshing out the violent fantasies of other, richer men".

It adds, "Cari Mora, caretaker of the home, has escaped from the violence in her local country. She stays in Miami on a wobbly brief safe standing, subject to the iron whim of the immigration government. She works at many jobs to continue to exist.

"Beautiful, marked by way of battle, Cari catches the eye of Hans-peter as he closes in at the treasure. But Cari Mora has sudden abilities and her will to continue to exist has been tested sooner than."

The story of evil and greed can be revealed by way of one of Penguin Books' imprint William Heinemann. It will hit the shops on May 16.

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