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Gujarat HSC result 2019: 73.27% Students clear their examination

AHMEDABAD: The HSC basic circulate was declared on Saturday. A complete of 73.27% passed the HSC basic circulate which was 4.3% extra as in comparison to 2018. In 2018 the move out proportion of 68.97% students cleared the exam.

The proportion of scholars who cleared their HSC exam in the English medium was once again upper than that of Gujarati medium students. English Medium students had a move price of 83.96% and the same was 72.43% for Gujarati medium students.

Of the 3.52 lakh common students who gave the impression for the HSC (basic circulate) examination, 2.58 lakh students were a hit. Interestingly this 12 months 17,000 extra student had gave the impression for the exam.

According to schooling division, While Navrangpura centre in Ahmedabad posted 95.66% move out, whilst Morva Raina in Panchamahals had the lowest result of 15.43%. Among the district this 12 months Patan had the absolute best passout proportion with 85.03% whilst Panchamahals had the lowest passout proportion of 45.82%.

Girls once again remained forward of boys among those that attempted the HSC for the first time. The move price of women was 79.27%, whilst that of boys was 67.94%. This 12 months about 5% extra ladies had cleared the examinations.

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