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Get discounts for following traffic rules!

Commuters with an unblemished record might be rewarded through police officers at alerts and chowks; the vouchers — for over 200 stores and restaurants — might be passed over through those who have violated the norms

Little appreciation is going some distance is a new device adopted through the city visitors division this is all set to reward law-abiding electorate. The criterion is simple for a citizen to be eligible — have no visitors violations for your identify. And, the reward will come within the form of reductions at 200 major shops and restaurants within the city that the dep. has tied up with.

The exemplary electorate might be tracked via closed-circuit tv cameras (CCTV), the similar device utilized by the keep an eye on room to watch the visitors. If a commuter is stuck through the visitors police at a specific signal or a chowk randomly and is located to be a rule-abiding citizen — that matches the criterion of this reward device — they will get a 12-digit code via SMS, which will assist him avail the discount voucher on the make a choice restaurant or stores.

They also are going to print a few vouchers as smartly that might be passed over to them on the chowks through someone who has flouted a visitors norm. This, the officers consider, will also assist the rule of thumb violator to cultivate a way of awareness and refrain from committing traffic-related offences sooner or later.

To get this reward device rolling, the visitors division held a meeting with a number of distributors and shop/store homeowners on Saturday. The dialogue won an enthusiastic reaction as large manufacturers like Conrad, PNG, Taj, Chitale and Puma among others have shown readiness to supply reductions at their stores and restaurants.

Traffic division leader Pankaj Deshmukh advised Mirror, “Initially, that is going to be a wonder part for plenty of. We are going to reward as many people as we will. This initiative will commence June onwards and nowadays it will visitors violations into consideration by myself. However, taking it further we additionally intend to do the similar with drunk and pressure circumstances, through which if an individual on being stuck all over our pressure is located to be sober, we can reward him/her as smartly.”

He clarified that they are not going to spend anything else from their coffers to make this undertaking work. The quantity accrued via fines is immediately transferred to the treasury and the reductions are only going to be introduced through the store homeowners. “This initiative is being undertaken to reward the law-abiding electorate as well as to encourage the violators to practice the principles. At its heart, it calls for relief of enforcement and as an alternative makes a speciality of incentives as other folks respond undoubtedly to them,” Deshmukh added.

The electorate will either obtain discount coupons or vouchers starting from Rs 100 to Rs 500.

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