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Gandhian Studies Centre at AU may face closure due to paucity of funds

VISAKHAPATNAM: The handiest UGC-funded Gandhian Studies Centre in Andhra Pradesh located in the Social Work department of Andhra University is alleged to be on the verge of closure.

Research students and professors associated with the centre point out that no central executive funds had been allotted because the closing sanctioned five-year-funds in 2013, which used to be spent via 2017. They allege it is a political transfer to progressively shut down the centre and utterly sideline Gandhian philosophy and Gandhi’s contributions to nation development.

The Gandhian Studies Centre had been functioning since 2006 funded via the University Grants Commission (UGC) under the scheme of Epoch Making social thinkers of India. The annual funds earmarked used to be around Rs 7.5 lakh. Since 2017, the head of the centre Professor ABSV Ranga Rao used to run the centre from his private funds.

Prof Rao, who superannuated from AU on April 30 this yr, said, “No funds had been drawing close from UGC since 2017, nor the university may reinforce the Centre. I had funded alone because the closing two years and the Centre had revealed 25 books and lots of publications on Gandhian research. Now the university has positioned the Gandian Studies Centre under the dept of social work and it could be transformed into a library in long term because of lack of funds.”

A former researcher and visitor school with the centre M Abraham said, “The Centre had been encouraging many scholars to undertake research and generate wisdom about Gandhian rules and works, which is relevant even in the modern context. It seems like a political transfer to near down the centre and let Gandhian thoughts and philosophy fade clear of the minds of other folks and stay the brand new generation oblivious concerning the contributions of Mahatma Gandhi in opposition to nation development. Gandhiji’s ideas like the ones focusing on the sanitation and cleanliness are nonetheless prevalent under the brand new title of Swachh Bharat, the credit for which works to a political celebration. At least if a few lakhs of rupees from the university budget will also be allotted every year, the Centre is also stored from being closed down.”

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