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CR to replace retro-fitted trains with Siemens rakes

Lakhs of commuters on the Harbour Line will revel in a clean experience this monsoon as the Central Railway (CR) is set to do away with old retrofitted rakes, replacing them with more reliable Siemens rakes.

When the tracks flood all over the monsoons, retrofitted rakes – trains that previous operated on a direct current (DC), however have been modified to work on an alternating current (AC) – would incessantly destroy down as the floodwater entered their motors.

“It used to be simply not possible to function those trains on the tracks even with a bit of flooding, as they'd come to a standstill. Repairing them in the car shed used to be additionally very difficult,” a CR reputable mentioned.

However, CR is now anticipating the coming of three Bombardier rakes, of which one has already arrived, while some other two are expected in 15 days. These 3 rakes shall be inducted in the principle CR line, and the Siemens rakes will then be despatched on the Harbour Line, replacing the retrofitted rakes.

“Before monsoons set in, we will be able to pull out all four retrofitted rakes. With the Siemens rakes, trains will also be operated on flooded tracks with out too many problems,” an reputable mentioned.

There are 40 rakes on the Harbour Line, 36 of which can be Siemens, while four are retrofitted rakes. A complete of 612 services are run on the CR Harbour Line using those 40 rakes.

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