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Beware of jaadu ki jhappi on Church Street

By Pragna L Krupa

There aren't any unfastened lunches. And now, no unfastened hugs too, it sort of feels. (Apologies to Juan Mann, who began the Free Hugs campaign, offering hugs to strangers in public puts.)

A group of transgender chain snatchers are on the prowl on the busy Church Street as one sufferer realised somewhat too past due. They approached him and hugged him and a short time later he realised that he used to be missing a gold chain.

According to a sufferer, the chain snatchers appear to have thought their technique through as they had a snappy way to escape after snatching the chain.

This incident of chain snatching after a hug came about on Wednesday night, close to Coconut Grove Bar and eating place and the sufferer is a city-based businessman, who filed a complaint with the Cubbon Park police on Friday.

It came about in a few seconds and even supposing I pushed her away, I didn't realise she had snatched my chain

— Sameer Abubakar, who lost his gold chain on Church Street, close to Coconut Grove

The complainant, Sameer Abubakar, is a resident of Uttarahalli who runs an automotive and clothing business in Kumaraswamy Layout. On Wednesday night, Sameer used to be on Church Street in conjunction with his pals. Around 11.30 pm, they had simply finished their dinner and were status outdoor the Coconut Grove Bar and Restaurant, where they had parked their automotive, when the incident happened.

According to Abubaker, “We were smoking when two transgender individuals approached us. I used to be dressed in a T-shirt and my gold chain used to be visible. One of them used to be dressed in a saree whilst the other used to be dressed in trousers and a blouse. The individual in the saree used to be status at a distance from us, whilst the individual dressed in a trouser approached us and shook palms with my brother, who used to be status subsequent to me. Right after that she hugged me but I pushed her away instantly as I felt uncomfortable. She didn't say anything but walked away and got into an auto which used to be ready nearby, in conjunction with the individual in a saree. Soon after, when I used to be about to sit within my automotive, I discovered their behaviour suspicious. I instantly checked my wallet and my chain when I realised that it used to be missing. They had snatched it and fled.”


Abubaker claims that the chain weighing 42 grams is approximately value Rs 1.25 lakh. “It came about in a few seconds and even supposing I pushed her away instantly, I didn't realise she had snatched my chain. Though the incident happened on Wednesday past due night, I used to be busy all of Thursday and filed the complaint with the police on Friday,” stated Abubaker.

The Cubbon Park police have registered a case and are on lookout for the 2 accused. A senior officer stated that they have got accumulated CCTV photos from the surrounding spaces and are analyzing it. “In the photos, we will be able to see that the 2 accused appear to be status in combination, when certainly one of them hugs the sufferer and leaves the spot. It also seems just like the hug used to be mutual. We are investigating the matter,” stated the Cubbon Park police.

An authentic probing the case also stated that they were seeking to hint the auto rickshaw involved in the case.

Police stated that earlier there have been a case where a few transgender individuals have been arrested for robbery. The Cubbon Park police also added that they have got made up our minds to increase police presence alongside the stretch and have ordered their team of workers to accentuate patrolling on Church Street. Police stated they would deploy women constables to avert any untoward incidents.

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