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Bangalore police declare war on khataaras

By Pragna L Krupa

Cops will fee through the hour if cars are abandoned on the roads; the fantastic has been fastened at Rs 50 in step with hour

Abandoning cars on the road is not all fantastic and dandy. From Sunday, the Bengaluru Traffic Police (BTP) has started a power which levies a fantastic of Rs 50 in step with hour, on homeowners who abandon their cars on the road. That’s 1,200 in step with day, or Rs 36,000 in the event you’ve abandoned your automobile on a road for a complete month.

Road space is at a premium in Bengaluru, and while commuters battle thru bumper to bumper visitors, abandoned cars additional upload to the congestion on roads. Car breakdowns due to homeowners no longer holding their automobiles in ship-shape condition, could cause additional visitors jams.

Bangalore Mirror had highlighted the issue of khataara cars on the road which have been affecting the drift of visitors. After a chain of articles, Deputy CM G Parameshwara had appreciated the campaign and the BTP had instantly started tackling the issue on a warfare footing. So far, the BTP used to be towing away khataara cars and sending notices to the car homeowners. But now the city visitors police are looking to get to the basis of the issue and have decided to fantastic the car homeowners on an hourly basis. The fantastic is being implemented beneath section 201 of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 - Penalty for Causing Obstruction to Free Flow of Traffic.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) P Harishekaran said that once an extensive find out about of the Motor Vehicles Act, they decided to put in force this fantastic to desist other folks from leaving behind car on roads, particularly busy junctions and affecting the graceful drift of visitors. “A large number of cars which are not in operating condition are left on the primary roads. These cars should be instantly sent to a garage or sold to scrap sellers if they can’t be repaired. Leaving those cars in public places will cause obstruction to the motion of visitors. Taking this into consideration, we've started a power in opposition to abandoned cars and have started towing them away after sending them several notices. From now on we're making plans to ship them a realize asking them to pay Rs 50 on an hourly basis,” he said. Fines will get started taking effect from the time the abandoned car is reported. Those cars that have already been towed away may not be imposed with fines.


The police legitimate additional added that this would follow to all cars, including the federal government cars, BBMP and BMTC buses too, that have broken down on the primary roads and left unattended for hours, affecting visitors.

A senior visitors police officer added that almost all of towed khataara cars in the city are two wheelers and 4 wheelers which have been abandoned and of no use to their homeowners. He said that implementing the fantastic on an hourly basis will help them prevent obstruction to visitors through abandoned / broken down cars.

From now on we're making plans to ship them (homeowners who abandon their cars on the road ) a realize asking them to pay `50 on an hourly basis

– P Harishekaran, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic)

He said that some cars are left in public places for days and months. “Our purpose of fining them on an hourly basis is to stop them from doing it. We were towing khaatara cars and sending notices to the homeowners ahead of selling them off to scrap sellers. Once we commence implementing the fines on the proprietor of the cars, they themselves will remove it and sell it to the scrap sellers which will ease our paintings,” said the senior police legitimate.

The Motor Vehicles act section 201 states that whoever keeps a disabled car in any public place, in such a means, so to cause obstacle to the loose drift of visitors will likely be accountable for penalty up to fifty rupees in step with hour, so long as it remains in that position. Provided that the car serious about injuries will likely be accountable for penalty most effective from the time crowning glory of inspection formalities beneath the law; Provided additional that the place the car is removed through a Government company, towing fees will likely be recovered from the car proprietor or individual in-charge of such car. (2(2) Penalties or towing fees beneath this section will likely be recovered through such officer or authority, as the State Government might through notification in the legitimate gazette, authorise.).

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