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71.90% clear HSC science Gujarat Board examination

AHMEDABAD: The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) on Thursday declared 71.90% HSC science move end result. The result is round 1.09% less as in comparison to final yr, the place 72.99% students had passed the examination.

This was the second end result the place the students had been judged on the elegance XII results most effective. In March 2017, it was the final semester IV exam performed by the board. The Gujarat Government had from June 2017 scrapped the semester device and had decided to have only one exam and that's of sophistication XII.

A complete of 89,069 students out of 1,23,860 students who seemed for the class 12th (science) exam had been declared go by the board.

Students in A gaggle with arithmetic posted 78.92% end result while the results of B group students with biology was 67.26%.

The girls have once again outnumbered the boys and have performed better than the boys. The go out percentage of the women was greater than that of the boys. While the go out percentage was 72.01% for the women, it was 71.83% for the boys.

English-medium students once again fared better than their Gujarati medium counterparts posting 75.13% go our percentage. The same for Gujarati medium was 71.09%.

Out of general just about 139 centres the place the exam was performed, the results of Dhrol in Jamnagar was the best possible at 91.60% while that of Bodeli centre in Chhota Udepur was the bottom at 27.19 consistent with cent, GSEB stated. This is the second consecutive yr that Dhrol has topped the centre chart while Bodeli was as the bottom of the chart.

Among districts, Rajkot secured the best possible go percentage at 84.47% consistent with cent while tribal-dominated Chhota Udepur district recorded the bottom percentage at 29.81%.

A complete of 35 colleges recorded 100 consistent with cent results, down from 42 in 29018 and 117 such colleges in 2017. The number of colleges securing 10 consistent with cent or lower go percentage additionally increased to 49 in comparison to 29 colleges final yr, the GSEB stated.

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