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Water has become the new gold

By Y Maheswara Reddy

BWSSB cuts off water supply after Bhuvanagiri Layout residents whinge of contamination

Residents of Bhuvanagiri Layout close to Banaswadi were without water for the previous 20 days and the Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) authorities are yet to restore the provision. However, the BWSSB authorities appear to have no clue on what's the source of the contamination, and are on a digging spree, like a trial and error basis, to search out what is unsuitable.

It all began with the residents complaining to the BWSSB authorities in opposition to contaminated water in Bhuvanagiri Layout. The BWSSB promptly stopped the provision of contaminated water to keep away from residents having any health problems, but no measures had been made to ensure there may be water provided till the provision is restored.

While some of the residents to find it difficult to pay exorbitant price to private water suppliers, a few others may just now not have enough money to have visitors due to an acute shortage of water.

“I'm very unhappy for having to send my children, who had got here to right here for the summer holiday, to Shivamogga, but I don't have any other option. They got here right here to spend summer vacations but have to go back to Shivamogga due to lack of water. Our water sump has the capacity of one,000 litres and it has develop into very difficult for me even to engage a non-public water supplier to provide water,’’ says Gnana Pragash, a resident of Bhuvanagiri Layout.

There are a few residents, especially Christians, who're the worst affected due to the lack of water supply. “Good Friday is just a few days away. I'm worried about celebrating Easter within the absence of water supply. I'm able to pay cash to the private water suppliers but they'll now not supply water on time,’’ says Shanthi Peter, a resident of third Cross who paid Rs 1,000 to a non-public water supplier for supplying 4,000 litres of water.

According to Bhuvanagiri Welfare Association president S P Hegde, careless and indiscriminate digging of roads for laying electric cable would possibly have broken a water pipe.

“I want the authorities concerned to oversee the digging work since labourers will don't have any knowledge about water supply pipes. The BWSSB authorities are looking to locate the source of contamination but they are yet to be succeeded,’’ says S P Hegde.

He said the residents were not receiving sufficient water due to the negligence of BWSSB staffs. “We have to be in touch with those working on the BWSSB pump space each day. They fail to remember to restart the motor to pump water each time there's a fluctuation in power supply,’’ he complains.

According to Amith Nigli, a social employee, around 500 families are affected due to the stoppage of water supply. He says that the BWSSB has to provide water through tankers till water supply is restored but just a few residents get loose water or must have given a definite period of time for the residents .

“The BWSSB must were responsible sufficient to inform all the affected residents as soon as they gained proceedings from them in regards to the contamination of water 20 days in the past, but they failed to take action. This has resulted within the residents having to spend Rs 800 to Rs 1,200 to clean the overhead tanks. Some of the residents, who may just now not have enough money to pay such exorbitant price, have to clean tanks and sumps on their very own to take away the tainted water,’’ says Amith Nigli.

When contacted, Banaswadi corporator (ward no.27) A Kodanda Reddy said, “I'm aware of the water drawback at Bhuvanagiri Layout. I've asked the BWSSB engineer to mend the issue as early as possible.’’ Meanwhile, BWSSB Assistant Executive Engineer Chalapathi has said the water supply could be restored as soon as possible. “We are attempting our perfect to identify the source of contamination but in vain. We are confident of adjusting the issue soon. We are supplying water to the residents through water tankers freed from price,’’ says Chalapathi.

However, the residents are not able to take Chalapathi’s assurance severely. “We are uninterested of listening to the similar assurance for the final 20 days. It has develop into a addiction for Chalapathi to mention the similar factor to someone who calls him over the phone from this house,’’ says Anju Menezes, every other resident of Bhuvanagiri Layout.

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