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VTA’s letter on ‘bribing voters’ goes viral

Nagpur: Last week when office-bearers of Vidarbha Taxpayers Association (VTA) wrote a letter to the President of India slamming political events for ‘cash doles’ to voters ahead of elections, little did they realize that it's going to set social media abuzz inside days.
As photograph of the letter, which had mobile numbers of VTA individuals, went viral there was a deluge of calls and messages from as far as Singapore and Africa. VTA’s letter had mentioned promises via political events to offer direct cash transfers is similar to ‘bribing’ voters and strong steps will have to be taken to stop this.

Tejinder Singh Renu, honorary secretary of VTA who drafted the letter, mentioned this was the first time their group shared a cushy replica. “Even the sharing of the cushy replica was a fluke. Somebody in our WhatsApp workforce mentioned politicians promising cash deposits in bank account and coincidentaly I had simply finished drafting a letter on identical traces. Immediately I shared VTA’s draft within the workforce and from there it simply went viral,” mentioned Renu.

The letter mentioned taxpayers’ cash is being wasted via political events after they promise unfastened cash as direct transfers. “Earlier, cash was distributed before elections illegally, but now political events are overtly bribing voters,” mentioned Renu.

VTA received calls from far and wide praising the letter’s content material, which except for the President was additionally despatched to Chief Justice of India and chief election commissioner. He provides because the letter was a draft, it didn't also have signature of VTA president JP Sharma. “But via then the image had long past viral and we were receiving a couple of messages and make contact with calls from across the world,” added Renu.

Newspapers in neighbouring Chhattisgarh and Himachal Pradesh too caught on soon enough. “It was revealed in those states and scanned copies of the link were once more shared far and wide,” mentioned Renu.

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