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Villagers to boycott demanding road

Jharsuguda: People of Malimunda village beneath Jharsuguda municipality have determined to boycott the polls hard development of a proper street to their village. There are 1,280 voters in Malimunda.
The protestors took to the streets raising slogans, ‘No Road, No Vote’ lately. They even publish a banner saying, “Road Hela Nahi Amapaei, Vote Manguchu Kana Paei, Tuma Manuku Tikke Lajja Bhi Nahi”(You did not assemble a street, now why are you asking us for votes. Don’t you've any disgrace?)

“The street resulting in our village has been in dangerous form making it very inconvenient for other people to commute, in particular during the monsoons. In the last 20 years, we got two MLAs from BJD and Congress. Both had been elected two times from Jharsuguda but none took any step to build the street,” stated Bistari Pradhan of Malimunda village.

Villagers complained that as soon as the elections means, political leaders flock to the village and assure to meet our demand but omit us as soon as the elections are over. “This time, we've got pledged to boycott the polls unless the street resulting in our village is properly built,” stated Yasodha Nayak.

Another villager Lalit Mohan Nayak stated the villagers is not going to permit any political celebration into their village. “Our village is located with reference to Veer Surendra Sai (VSS) Airport, IOCL plant and an upcoming stadium. All those places have their own roads but not our village,” he stated.

The district administration has come to understand in regards to the decision of the villagers. “We have gained the ideas and are looking to make the villagers understand the significance of casting their votes. I am hopeful that they are going to understand,” stated sub-collector (Jharsuguda) Shiba Toppo.

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