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'Tricity becoming medical tourism destination'

CHANDIGARH: The Tricity is becoming a favoured clinical tourism destination for patients from nations like Afghanistan, Yeman, Iraq and Nigeria, in line with docs. What's helping is the 28 daily flights from Chandigarh and 3 daily Shatabdi Express, enabling simple connectivity with the Tricity.

"There are 15-20 foreigner patients coming to the Tricity hospitals in a month. This has recently picked up since the last four to five months due to proper air and road connectivity," said Dr Vinod Kumar, senior marketing consultant, orthopaedics, and joint alternative surgery at a personal sanatorium within the city.

What makes the Tricity a better clinical destination? "With less pollution, no traffic bottlenecks, proximity to various tourism hubs and Kasauli and Shimla, the Tricity is coming up strongly on the medical tourism map," said Dr Gaurav Maheshwari, a senior marketing consultant and head, surgical gastroentrology, at a personal sanatorium.

Affordability, no ready duration and lot of experience are making patients want this region. "There are many people here and in nearby Punjab where there are NRIs. This section often comes to Chandigarh, which has one of the best tertiary hospital care," said Dr Sanjay Khanna, ENT surgeon, practising in a personal arrange.

Dr Vinod additionally said there are facilities for Ayurveda and Yoga which will play essential function in rehabilitation of those patients coming from more than a few nations. Dr Gaurav shared that during 2017 around five lakh patients visited India on clinical visa for treatment and clinical tourism business in India is more likely to contact 9 billion USD by 2020. "As Indian doctors are ranked as best trained doctors worldwide, our surgical outcomes are comparable with international standards and the cost of treatment in India is almost one fifth or one seventh of cost of treatment in the US or Europe," he added.

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