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Trafficked women were trained in spoken English

LUCKNOW: The Tripura woman arrested here for human trafficking instructed police on Monday that she had lured four ladies from 3 states - Assam and Bengal, but even so Tripura - with the promise of jobs in the Middle East that may earn them no less than Rs 20,000 a month.

These ladies have been first taken to Mumbai and taught soft abilities in addition to written and spoken English.

Amna Begum, who was once arrested on April 11 and sent to prison, is these days in police remand for 14 days. She has additionally named two of her aides as Asif of Thakurganj and Aminuddin of Kaiserbagh.

The duo - said to be Amna's link to the crowd kingpin - accompanied her to far off villages in these 3 states, where "local contacts" have been bribed. These other people then offered the accused to deficient households.

Both Asif and Aminuddin are on the run.

Apart from the plum per 30 days pay, Amna had promised the ladies who had kids separate upkeep stipend and faculty amenities. "The women were also shown movies based in Dubai and advised to adopt the mannerisms," Amna instructed police.

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