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TN Board Result 2019: Braving odds to fare in class 12 exams

CHENNAI: Whole of Thursday (April 18) Pamela* and Roopa* were anxiously looking ahead to their class 12 TN Board effects.

"I was more nervous because I had not performed well in accountancy," said Pamela.

Finally, when the effects were declared, the two girls could not comprise their joy and pleasure. They went round telling everyone, "We did it," said Roopa. She scored a 64% while Pamela scored a 71%.

"Nobody can understand how much clearing this examination means to us. It was our ticket to a new life and future," she said.

Roopa and Pamela were rescued by the Chennai Child Welfare Committee, many years in the past, after each their parents died. Roopa used to be round eight years previous when she used to be discovered begging at the streets, with an injured hand. While Pamela used to be a few of the 15 girls who were rescued from being trafficked from an unlicensed house run by an American in Chennai to Andhra Pradesh, eight years in the past.

"My parents gave me away, else I wouldn't have landed there," said Pamela. Pamela used to be the 8th kid of her parents, who lived in a small village near Arakkonam. She and her elder sister, were given away to the American, right after her start. "I don't remember them at all. And I don't like to talk about them," she said.

Roopa on the other hand had a unmarried mother, who used to be suffering to make ends meet. "One day," as she recalls, "My brother had injured his foot and there was no money to take him to the hospital. My mother turned to me and said that I should go stand in the road and beg for it. I was all of 5 years of age," she says. Since then begging had turn out to be a role for the two siblings. "While some were kind most were abusive. We hated it, but mother forced us and said that was the only way we could eat," she said.

Three years later, Roopa and her brother were rescued and sent from one youngsters's house to every other. Today Roopa along side Pamela lives on the Madras Christian Council of Social Service in Perambur, while her brother lives in every other house. "I hope I would be able to get my own apartment and look after him," she said.

Both the women have top aims. Pamela adamantly wants to pursue B.A. English from Women's Christian College while Roopa wants to enrol on the Madras School of Social Work.

"But we are both committed to serve the society. We'll work hard so we reach a position where we can help the less privileged," said Pamela.

(*names in the replica had been modified to protect the id of the kids)

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