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Teenager climbs on train to 'click pics', singed

MUMBAI: A schoolboy, Kushal Bheda (13), who had climbed at the rooftop of a desk bound train, suffered 75% burns and is battling for life. His father mentioned he had climbed atop the trainer to click on photographs. The incident happened on the railway yard close to Ram Mandir station on Sunday. Bheda, a category IX student, had long gone close to the yard to play cricket, mentioned his family.

"Kushal has been singed badly. We hope he recovers," mentioned his father, Manish, who runs a confectionary store in Malwani. Kushal lives together with his father and more youthful sister in Malad.

Kushal's kin mentioned he left home around 11am. "We assumed he would play nearby. There was a group of four to five youngsters with him," mentioned his aunt. Around 3.15pm, when Manish came home for lunch, he got a call from the law enforcement officials. "They said my son was critical and asked me to rush to Ram Mandir station. His friends were there but were scared to talk about what had happened," Manish mentioned.

Kushal was rushed to Siddharth Hospital in Goregaon after which to the SRV Hospital in the same locality. But as his injuries were very severe, medical doctors recommended he be shifted to a distinctiveness medical institution. The family moved him to KEM Hospital. On Monday, he was moved to Kasturba Hospital at Chinchpokli.

Manish informed NewsTread he had learnt from Kushal's buddies that the gang veered to the yard after playing cricket. "My son climbed the coach to take photographs. He lost his balance and grabbed an overhead equipment wire. It was a high voltage wire," he mentioned, adding that the chums heard a noisy sound however were terrified to rescue him.

GRP team of workers at Ram Mandir station were knowledgeable around 3pm. They called the porters, who introduced an unconscious Kushal out. At the medical institution, the GRP recorded Manish's commentary.

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