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'Talk development, refrain from personal attacks'

HYDERABAD: Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of getting private in his speeches. “Why is Modi after my nose? How does it matter if my nose is long or short?” KCR asked at a public meeting in Warangal on Tuesday.

KCR has made similar comments at other public rallies as smartly. BJP leaders from Telangana, however, insist that Modi has made no private remarks about KCR. The CM steadily breaks into fun over the alleged comments and leaves the crowds in splits, however political observers say he isn't cracking a funny story and is making an attempt to make some degree. “I have been asking both BJP and Congress why half of India remains to be in darkness. I have been difficult to know from them why 70,000 tmc of water isn't being utilised and much of farmland does no longer get water for irrigation. They don't seem to be stricken to reply to those questions I have raised however instead need to make private remarks towards me,” KCR mentioned in Warangal.

“Modi hasn't ever mentioned KCR’s nose. He has no longer made any private comments towards KCR. BJP talks simplest about problems,” state BJP president K Laxman told TOI.

KCR has additionally taken exception to Modi taking a dig at his trust in astrology. “How does it matter to Modi if I believe in astrology?” he asked all over the public meeting. The CM mentioned he sought after a discussion on problems affecting other people however the Centre is skirting it.

At the March 29 election rally in Mahbubnagar, Modi took pot-shots at KCR, pronouncing that the latter went for early assembly polls via following the advice of astrologers. “Because of this, there's a massive burden on public exchequer to habits polls one at a time for the Lok Sabha. KCR knew that his stars weren't vibrant if the elections are held in April/ May and hence, recommended early dissolution of the assembly,” Modi had mentioned.

Notwithstanding the joust with Modi, KCR additionally stored the drama quotient going via making a laugh of TPCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy’s decision to not shave his beard until the TRS is thrown out of energy. “Who cares whether Uttam grows a beard, if he shaves or no longer,” KCR retorted all over a up to date rally.

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