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SP Khan’s sacrifice forgotten, says Shahi Imam Punjab

Ludhiana: The Shahi Imam (Punjab) Maulana Habib Ur Rehman Saani Ludhianvi said on Sunday that while the nation remembered the sacrifices of Jallianwala Bagh martyrs, historians and countrymen had forgotten the silent sacrifice of SP Khan Ahmad Jan Ludhianvi.
Speaking to mediapersons, the Maulana — who belongs to a circle of relatives of freedom fighters — said Ludhiana’s proud son, Khan Ahmad returned to India after finishing his higher research from London. He was appointed police captain of Amritsar as a result of his family members with Lord Chelmsford, the then viceroy of India.

Ludhianvi said that at the night of 12 April 1919, Punjab governor O’Dwyer reached Amritsar to finish the protest at Jallianwala Bagh, and on the DC House, he and General Dyer known as SP Khan and advised him to fire upon the freedom fighters to finish their agitation, but Khan refused to to do so, which turned the General red-faced.

Ludhianvi said General Dyer then advised Khan he can be demoted from SP to sepoy if he refused to obey orders, but Khan got rid of his belt in entrance of General Dyer and advised him it was an act of cowardice to fire on unarmed persons, and he would not do such an act.

On this stand of Khan, the Governor then advised him that if he weren't close to the Viceroy, he would have fired at him. He added that Khan was then got rid of from his position, and then he returned to Ludhiana, but enlisted himself as an Indian officer who refused to obey the orders of General Dyer.

The religious priest said Khan was alive till 1944, and he was neighbour of his grandfather — the great freedom fighter Maulana Habib Ur Rehman 1. He added that every month, Khan would get a sepoy’s pension along with an apology letter that he will have to sign to get back his SP rank, but he refused to just accept the pension, and didn't even sign any apology letter.

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