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Social environment more friendly for transgenders

NAGPUR: For the transgenders exercising their franchise was a refreshing experience as they now have an id rather than being classed as both male or feminine.
A gaggle of 58 transgenders voted at a sales space in Pachpaoli. “There was no rush there in the morning, so we didn't really feel the wish to form a separate line. We went in one after the other,” mentioned Saloni Ansari. “But at Mariam Nagar, a separate line was formed through a person from our neighborhood and because that line was brief, many women and men also joined it,” Saloni mentioned with a laugh.

Happy with the more accommodating ways of the folks on the polling sales space, Vidya Kamble who went to vote at Baba Nanak Sindhi Hindi High School in Hansapuri, mentioned, “I may have stood in a separate line but I stood in the girls’s line as I felt higher. They too have been curious but polite and made conversation with me,” Kamble mentioned.

For Reema Kadbe who voted in Mahal there was a certain sense of delight. “There was no longer a lot rush in the morning, so I may just forged my vote rapid. What made me happy was that there was no confusion about my id which was put as transgender,” she mentioned.

Mohd Yusuf, who voted at a sales space in Gandhibagh, mentioned five from his neighborhood went together to vote. “People from our neighborhood had been voting since a long time. Now it is only that we have a brand new id as a third gender which sounds more respectful. I've also applied for a passport and now hope to do Haj also,” Yusuf added.

The growing awareness in the society too has created an atmosphere of protection for the transgenders. “Today I went alone to vote at Pardi and there was no tension. I didn't really feel the wish to form a separate line. I feel since the removal of Article 377, other people’s perspective towards us has modified. We also really feel we have a id as now we will prefix our names with Mx like Mr or Mrs,” mentioned Mahi Tate.

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