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Rajasthan: 31% candidates are below 40 years of age

JAIPUR: Though political parties promise to promote young blood, the election mathematics and winnability ceaselessly push them to fall again on veterans to win elections. This is at a time when the collection of young citizens is continuously on the upward push.

In the first section of parliamentary elections in Rajasthan, most effective 31% of the 115 candidates in the fray are under 40 years of age.

Out 115 candidates in the fray for the 13 seats in the first section of elections, most effective 36 are 40 or blow years of age.

The oldest candidate in the fray are Kika Meena, the CPI (M) candidate from Udaipur, followed through Congress candidate from Rajsamand Devkinanadan Kaka who is 76. Congress candidate from Kota Ram Narain Meena is 3rd oldest at 75.

Rajasthan has added about 80 lakh new citizens in the ultimate 5 years. These citizens are going to play a an important role in the electoral end result. Over 20 lakh new citizens were added ahead of the meeting elections in December 7 ultimate 12 months and about 12 lakh ahead of the impending parliamentary elections.

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