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Pvt apartment denies public access to road

Coimbatore: Almost a month after town company promised to open the street passing through Parsn Sesh Nestle residential complex from Nanjundapuram Road to Ukkadam for public use, residents of the complex have publish a notice prohibiting the access of public.
‘Private road. Not scheme road. Right of access is specific,’ said the attention on the entrance.

Joint secretary of Parsn Apex Welfare Society B Nagaraj justified the decision. “For more than twenty years, the street has been used as a private road. We have all the essential approvals from the directorate of the city and country making plans in Chennai. When this can be a personal road owned by way of the complex, why will have to we allow public to use it?”

Explaining that the street was once supposed to be a scheme road before the complex was once established, Nagaraj said that they'd bought orders from the federal government to use it as a private road.

However, an order from the state RTI commissioner Ok Murugan said, “Assistant commissioner (AC) of east zone has assured the commission to open the means road of Parsn Sesh Nestle residential complex for public use.”

The assurance was once given all through an inquiry carried out by way of the commissioner in March in response to a petition filed by way of activist S Kanagasundaram. “Ideally, the company would have taken steps within 30 days from the date of the order to open the street for public use. But until date, no steps were initiated. If they fail to initiate motion inside the stipulated time, I will document a non-compliance grievance with the commission,” Kanagasundaram informed TOI.

“There isn't any such factor as a private road. All roads are open for public as per the Tamil Nadu the city and country making plans Act. But the residents have constructed a gate and appointed security body of workers to prohibit the access of outsiders. The development approval clearly states that the 60f means road will have to be handed over to the civic body as soon as the development is done and all the roads of the civic body will have to be opened for public. The 60f road has been contracted to 33f over a time period,” he said. “Without access to the street, other folks from Nanjundapuram need to move Ramanathapuram Junction to achieve Ukkadam. They will have to travel an extra two kilometres. If handiest the street is opened for public, no longer handiest travelling time can be decreased, but also the traffic congestion on Nanjundapuram Road and at Ramanathapuram Junction may well be decreased significantly.”

Meanwhile, the city making plans officer S Ravichandran said that he is accumulating the documents pertaining to the complex and can take motion at the earliest.

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