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Processing of GST refunds delayed: Exporters

Ludhiana: City exporters are livid over the delay in processing in their GST refunds. According to the businessmen, regardless of the central executive’s claim that strategy of refunds has been made more uncomplicated for exporters, their months-old refunds have still not been processed.

According to Jagbir Sokhi, president of sewing system development membership, “It is an overly unhappy situation with regards to GST refund processing for exporters. Despite completion of all formalities, the refunds are not being processed well timed by way of the departments and we're struggling as our capital will get blocked for months due to these lengthy delays. There are a number of cases in our association itself where exporters’ refunds were pending since as long as six months.”

Finance secretary of Ludhiana Sewing Machine Industries Association Jatinder Nagpal said, “We are going through a large number of issues in getting our old refunds. Moreover, with any such aggressive situation of exportsthese days we have now fractional margin on our exports and even slight delay of single rupee of GSTmeans losses for us. We urge the federal government to take some concrete steps to unravel this drawback quickly.”

President of Chamber of business and trading entrepreneurs Kulwant Singh said, “Crores worth of GST refunds of exporters remain unpaid. Despite our repeated reminders to the departments, not anything has been finished so far to eliminate this drawback.”

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