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PMC directs bldg residents to remove their belongings

PUNE: The Pune municipal corporation (PMC) on Wednesday issued a notice to the occupants of the Kondhwa Budruk development, a supporting pillar of which evolved big cracks on Monday night time, directing them to remove their belongings from the “bad” structure without delay.

The notice used to be also addressed to the landowners of the plot, on which the development stands, besides the developer.

A police officer informed NewsTread that the PMC has requested for manpower to demolish the development on Thursday.

In the notice, the civic body said that the addressees would be held responsible if any untoward incident have been to take place at the development. To stay the entire events within the loop, civic officials have pasted copies of the notice on the development and have also post a caution on the structure stating that the property used to be “in a deadly situation”.

Soon after the notice used to be put on the development, the citizens may well be noticed hurriedly removing their belongings. While a bit of citizens entered into the structure, others waited outdoor to catch small objects being hurled out of the home windows or balconies. Some extensively utilized roped to bring down smaller objects out of the structure.

Even when the citizens have been removing their home goods, a bit of occupants may well be heard pronouncing that the civic body should allow urgent repairs to revive the property.

When approached, resident Arif Shaikh said, “The PMC had allowed several houses to adopt emergency repairs previously and the similar yardstick should be applied to our development. The developer should be instructed to repair the cracks as we are ready keep within the development at our personal risk. Instead of rendering us homeless, the PMC should take a sympathetic view as it is not possible for us to make selection preparations at this sort of short notice.”

Another resident Jamil Khan said, “We have began removing our belongings and will complete the method by means of Thursday. We thank the developer for supporting us at this vital juncture and providing us with breakfast and meals since April 1.”

The developer, Harun Rashid, reiterated that he used to be ready to repair the development because it used to be not in a deadly situation. “A specialist has inspected the damaged portion of the development and his record is awaited. We cannot pay off the flat owners at this juncture because of financial constraints and economic slowdown,” he said.

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