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Patiala: Parents protest after kids denied entry to school

PATIALA: After an extended protest through students, parents, Patiala MP Dr Dharamvira Gandhi on Sunday and directions from the Punjab and Haryana prime courtroom, Budha Dal Public School allowed entry to hundreds of students, who failed to transparent their dues.

The issue was resolved after district administrative officials intervened. On Friday, the Punjab and Haryana prime courtroom directed the varsity to permit students to attend their categories, but the adamant college government still refused to comply with the courtroom orders.

The students and their parents then staged a protest in front of the varsity. Patiala MP Dr Dharamvira Gandhi additionally joined and pressurised college government.

Meanwhile, Dr Gandhi mentioned strict action should be taken against the varsity government for denying students the best to education. He mentioned he would talk about the issue with the state education secretary Krishan Kumar and find a everlasting technique to the problem.

Patiala SDM too rushed to the spot after the protest intensified. The administrative officials then played a key role and held talks with the varsity government and fogeys, following which the students could entry the varsity. A last choice will now be taken through the secretary education.

J S Singh, a member of Budha Dal Parent Association, mentioned, "We had to knock the doors of the high court after the district administration and police failed to implement the orders of secretary education."

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