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Not aware of any audit of F-16s in Pakistan, says Pentagon

WASHINGTON: Claims and counterclaims continue to fly over India’s insistence that it shot down an F-16 all through its skirmish with Pakistan following New Delhi’s retaliatory strike on Balakot. While the Pentagon stated on Friday it was “now not aware” of any audit of Pakistan’s F-16 jets that a US journal stated showed no missing airplane, Pakistan released pictures of what it claimed are four missile seeker heads purportedly from India’s downed MiG 21, announcing it showed the Indian pilot had now not fired any missile at Pakistan’s F-16s

A report in Foreign Policy mag that US protection officials had inventoried Pakistan’s F-16s and located none missing, which was now not sponsored by means of Pentagon, additionally unfolded questions on whether the Pakistan Air Force will have been flying F-16s loaned by means of or borrowed by means of a few of its close allies, given the patience with which the IAF maintained it had brought down an F-16 and the evidence it had produced to again this: The evidence includes electronic signatures, radio transmission intercepts, and sightings of 2 separate ejections several kilometers apart around the same time – some of the Indian MIG pilot, and the opposite, ostensibly, of the Pakistani F-16 pilot.

Several close allies of Pakistan additionally fly the F-16s, and in keeping with Indian experts, they experience a very easy inter-operability that India witnessed all through its wars with Pakistan. “It's a widely known proven fact that the Air Forces of Pak, Jordan, Egypt and Turkey often workout in combination and there are a few PAF pilots on deputation to those international locations. It would serve US pursuits to garbage India’s claims that might otherwise blemish an enviable battle record for the F-16,” a former IAF pilot stated.

Adding every other size to the debate, every other retired Indian army reputable wrote on Twitter: “For America, conflict is a multitrillion dollar trade & the F-16 is a world emblem. There isn't any approach america can ever admit that a MIG 21 shot down an F-16. It will bury the emblem endlessly & will lift questions on other US weapon systems. Embarrassing for US.”

The factor of audit of Pakistan’s F-16s itself came below a cloud, with the Trump management declining to verify the Foreign Policy journal report that america had carried out a listing test at Pakistan’s invitation. A Pentagon spokesman instructed an Indian newspaper that the Defense Department was now not “conscious about any investigation like that,” amid indicators the Trump White House was prepared to have New Delhi’s again. Earlier in the week, NASA was additionally directed to reel again its complaint of India’s ASAT take a look at following a White House directive. The US refusal to verify the audit report came even as India’s military chief Gen Bipin Rawat concluded his three-day consult with to the United States.

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