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New teams to carry out drives against encroachers

GURUGRAM: The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) is making plans to form particular squads and enforce new techniques of curbing encroachments on roads, in commercial and other public spaces.
MCG commissioner Yashpal Yadav mentioned a couple of particular anti-encroachment drives were carried out prior to now 12 months but more efforts are had to take on the issue. “Around Rs 1.five crore was accumulated prior to now 12 months via challans but we'd like more teams to handle the problem,”mentioned Yadav.

He added that currently there are four squads wearing out drives against unlawful encroachments, especially in the commercial spaces.

These squads comprise junior engineers, supervisors and outsourced workers. The corporation plans to extend the choice of those squads in this monetary 12 months.

A request to extend the corporation’s group of workers power has additionally been made, the commissioner mentioned. “Let’s additionally now not forget that people who complain of loss of space on roads, don’t hesitate to park illegally on them, or to extend their gardens on footpaths,” mentioned the commissioner. On the grasp roads and sector roads, unlawful parking is a significant reason for encroachment. On the opposite hand, distributors use a lot of space in commercial spaces. In the residential spaces, residents encroach by extending their gates and boundary walls.He added that after all of the roads in the metropolis shall be free of the encroachments, there can be enough space for everybody together with, cars, motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. MCG is also currently in the strategy of carrying out a city-wide survey to make space for non-motorised transport and pedestrians across the metropolis.

“We are operating on growing Right of Way (RoW) for pedestrians. We hope to finish this workout inside of this 12 months,” mentioned Yadav. MCG had previous tried to create cycling tracks on positive roads in the metropolis in association with corporate corporations, alternatively, the tracks soon was parking areas.

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