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New plant species spotted in Konkan belt

A two-year study established forte of the the Bonnaya genus, prompting a paper that was published ultimate month

Researchers from Kolhapur have discovered a brand new species from the Bonnaya genus at Amboli in the Konkan area of Maharashtra. After organising its peculiarity, ultimate months a paper on it was published in a peer-reviewed journal for systemic botany studies — Phytotaxa. The species has been named after Milind Sardesai — a botany professor at Savitribai Phule Pune University.

Bonnaya Milindii, as it has been christened, is categorized as a herb, which grows to a top of Five-20 cm, with its shoots mostly erect, with little creeping. “The species was found during a box travel to the riverside at Amboli in 2016. It was there some of the plants on the river financial institution,” knowledgeable VA Sardesai, a research student from The New College at Kolhapur.

The plant seemed different from any identified species and so it was decided to take footage of it for a more detailed study. “Bonnaya Milindii is similar to Bonnaya sanpabloensis but differs in staminodes blue and petaloid. These differentiating characteristics made us curious,” he added.

The researchers sifted thru many literature on the genus and also referred to as in experts to identify the species, but found not anything matching the characteristics of the species they'd with them. “For two years other species of the genus were gathered from the neighbouring spaces and scrutinised compared. When the unique features of the species were confirmed, a paper was submitted,” explained Vinod Shimpale, assistant professor at The New College. While the samples for comparability were essentially sourced from adjacent Sindhudurg and Amboli, Shimpale speculated that the species will also be present in Goa and Karnataka.

He shared that there are 11 identified species of Bonnaya, found in numerous parts of the arena, similar to Australia, China, Japan and other Southeast Asian nations. “This is the 12th species. As such, India has eight of the 11 identified species,” Shimpale informed Mirror.

He explained that it was decided to honour professor Sardesai for his contribution to the field of botany. For his section, Sardesai is pleased and seen, “It is an honour to have a species named after me. It feels as though my name has been engraved in the box of botany, giving price to my contribution towards the stream of study.”

The species was found during a box travel to the riverside at Amboli in 2016. It was there some of the plants on the river financial institution

VA Sardesai, research student, The New College, Kolhapur

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