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Neither UPA nor NDA will get more than 200 Lok Sabha seats: TRS

HYDERABAD: Neither the Congress-led UPA nor the BJP-anchored NDA would win more than 200 seats resulting in regional parties playing an important position in the formation of next executive at the Centre, claimed a key TRS leader.

B Vinod Kumar, who was deputy flooring leader of the TRS (Telangana Rashtra Samiti) in the Lok Sabha, stated on Friday his outfit was in touch with "many" of the regional parties not aligned with the Congress and BJP.

"Role of regional parties will be very important in the formation of the next government at Delhi," Kumar, who sought re-election from Karimnagar constituency, told PTI.

Elections to the entire 17 Lok Sabha segments in Telangana have been hung on Thursday.

"Both national parties (along with their allies) will be below 200 (seats); so the role of regional parties will be more in the next government," stated Kumar, regarded as a confidant of the TRS president and chief minister Ok Chandrasekhar Rao.

KCR, as the manager minister is referred to by means of many, has been pushing for a non-Congress, non-BJP federal entrance of regional parties since ultimate yr, and was unsparing in his assaults on the BJP and Congress right through the new Lok Sabha election marketing campaign.

Kumar stated an alliance of regional parties could be formed after the results of the Lok Sabha elections are declared.

"Not only KCR, all regional parties will play their respective roles in formation of the government", he stated.

TRS has not made up our minds on whom to back for high ministership in the event of regional parties maintaining the "key" after the election effects, in step with him.

"We have not yet given any thought on all those issues. This is not the time to think who will be the next Prime Minister. Only after the results we can think..." he stated.

KCR's daughter Ok Kavitha, who sought re-election from Nizamabad constituency, stated not too long ago she expects "neutral" regional parties to bag 120-plus Lok Sabha seats.

On the Parliamentary elections in Telangana, Kumar stated the TRS would win 16 seats. TRS had an figuring out with AIMIM and has stated previous that it expects its president Asaduddin Owaisi to retain the Hyderabad seat.

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