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My 8-year-old gossips with her friends!

QUERY: How can I prevent my kid from gossiping? My daughter is eight years old and I see girls in her group gossiping about other children. I find it actually terrible. Help!
EXPERT: Gossiping involves speaking about somebody else behind their back. It also involves exaggeration, distortion and magnification of information, and is usually a time consuming exercise. People who typically lack ability to assert and convey their feeling upright to the concerned particular person, tend to gossip.

Ample unstructured time, loss of assertiveness skills, low self-worth, loss of constructive spare time activities/pursuits can predispose one to engage in gossip. As folks we also serve as position fashions for our youngsters. Our behaviours do have a power on them. Explain to your daughter as to what would she really feel if somebody gossips about her. This shall lend a hand in creating empathy.

Also attempt to engage her in constructive spare time activities and structured job schedule. This shall lend a hand her in redefining which means to her lifestyles. It shall also lend a hand her to utilize her time more productively and increase a way of positive self-worth. Your daughter is in an impressionable age of development. Her character is yet to take shape. Positive measures, as steered , will have to be useful.

Dr. Sameer Malhotra is the Director, Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, Max Hospitals.

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