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Muslim religious leaders back secular parties

MUMBAI: Nearly 700 ulema (maulanas) and religious scholars from North-West constituency comprising Andheri, Jogeshwari and Goregaon, converged Friday to decide the vote casting development of the Muslim group at the upcoming General Election. It is uncommon for all sects together with Sunni, Tablighi, Shia, Bohra, Wahhabi, Deobandi Barelvi to come back together on one platform.

In one voice, they stressed the want to defeat the BJP and vote secular events to preserve minority rights as guaranteed under the Indian Constitution.

The meeting was organised in Jogeshwari through the Khidmat Organisation that belongs to former Congress corporator Mohsin Haider and his spouse Meher, present councillor. Haider mentioned, "It is unprecedented for ulema of all sects to assemble like this on a common platform. There is a pressing need to combat the communal forces that propagate false notions of Muslims as anti-national." He recited a wonderful couplet to mention that even a Muslim corpse is buried simplest after the ritual washing (ghusl) so as to not pollute the soil of the motherland.

Congress candidate for the North West assembly Sanjay Nirupam began his speech through reminding the target audience of BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj's ominous utterance. "He clearly said that should Narendra Modi come to power this time, they will cancel elections in future. There will be no more polls. The Constitution will be suspended. So I say that this election is our chance to save the nation. We must set aside all our differences and come to common ground in order to preserve the values that have nurtured this nation for 70 years."

Imams and students of various sects echoed the concern that India's secular material is being broken, that the very thought of nationhood is in jeopardy. "Right from the Ghadar (Rebellion) of 1857, our ulema have been martyred in the path of India. They did not fight for Muslims alone, they shed blood for all Indians," mentioned one speaker.

Apprehensions of EVMs being tampered additionally discovered voice.

Jogeshwari maulana Burhanuddin Qasmi did categorical misgivings in regards to the Congress for failing to give a boost to the AIUDF in Assam, and for not forging alliances with AAP and Mamata Banerjee to consolidate the secular vote.

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