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Mavala soldiers tombs found near Sinhagad fort

City-based workforce has collated the information and despatched it to archaeology dept to reinforce preservation bid

Sinhagad fortress resonates with history — each structure telling a tale a bygone era and its valour. A recent discovery of three tombs (samadhis) of Mavala soldiers within the neighborhood has added to the reams of chronicles. These crypts had been unearthed by way of contributors of Mavala Jawan Sanghatana, which had previous discovered the unique tomb of Tanaji Malusare on Sinhagad Fort in February.

Now the gang has demanded state archaeology division’s consideration to conduct more analysis at the tombs and have additionally enforced a conservation bid, pointing out they're an integral part of the history. At provide, the tombs are in a desolate condition and a number of other of those are being worshipped as an area deity. However, their descriptions within the historical texts say another way. These texts had been referred by way of the gang to determine the unique status of those constructions.

Some of those tombs are within the type of a Shivling, while others have a vertical structure. Given their shapes, locals from the respective villages had been worshipping them, considering it was once an area deity

One of the tombs is situated in Khanapur village on the foothill of Sahyadri. Another is at Ghera Sinhagad area located west of Sinhagad Fort. The other one is situated in Thopatewadi village.

The shape of those crypts varies relying at the position of the soldier within the army. One has the form of Shivling, while others are made like a Veergal (a vertical tomb), consistent with Dattaji Nalawade, the founder of Mavala Jawan Sanghatana.

“Most of the tombs are situated in mountain villages. They had been constructed on the place where the solider was once martyred or inside of his native village. Around 50 contributors of the teams are trying to find such tombs in more than a few far off villages. The soldiers are our unsung heroes who sacrificed their lives for Swarajya,” he added.

The provide information had been collated and despatched to the department of archaeology in a preservation bid. Several tombs are etched with manuscripts that want experts’ consideration. Thus, the gang feels the initial protection — fencing and signboards — want to be put in.

Nalawade mentioned, “In many circumstances, the tombs had been by way of Chhatrapati Shivaji himself to honour the soldier’s sacrifices. And, there are a number of other tombs that had been constructed 50 years later by way of Chhatrapati Shahu, Shivaji’s grandson, after his rescue from Aurangzeb’s clutches.”

While the state archaeology division has appreciated the findings, it is of the opinion that locals must try to protect them. An officer, at the condition of anonymity, mentioned, “Because of no wisdom of the existence of those tombs, many are getting destroyed. The division has its own limitation. The locals must raise their arms to protect such monuments. Our experts will assist in tracing the historical and heritage facets. Soon, our workforce will consult with those villages to know more in regards to the tombs.”

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