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Mangaluru cops win hearts by tackling oil spill on road

MANGALURU: In a noble gesture, Mangaluru City police body of workers themselves swung into action in getting one of the vital busiest roads mounted after oil leaking from a truck rendered it now not motorable.

City police commissioner Sandeep Patil on Friday lauded the efforts of visitors policeman Srikanth, constable Bande Nawaz and ASI Suresh Kumar for his or her efforts, with a certificate of appreciation.

On Thursday, the street at Lalbagh Circle in the center of the town changed into unfit for plying on account of oil that leaked from a truck. However, sooner than the police could take cognisance of this, a motorcyclist took place to journey over the spilt oil and injured himself.

Traffic policeman Srikanth immediately introduced the incident to the notice of the officers from the Mangaluru City Corporation, located a few metres away. However, as his request didn't evoke any response, he and his other two colleagues took it upon themselves to set issues proper.

They managed to get some baskets of dust and spread it on the highway along the stretch, ensuring that the spilt oil didn't purpose any bother to motorists.

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