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Mancurad price still out of reach of aam aadmi

PANAJI: The king of end result is still unpopular in Goa’s markets even though its worth has dropped sharply since final month. The Mancurad, which sold for Rs 3,500 a dozen final month, is these days being sold for Rs 1,200 a dozen. Yet, locals are evading the golden fruit, waiting for its worth to drop even additional.

“Last month, a single Mancurad mango sold for Rs 300 and an Alphonso price Rs 100, but Goa’s affluent stepped ahead to buy them,” stated fruit seller Tabrez Mokashi. However, he says, locals are actually evading the golden fruit since they’re aware of the once a year trend of costs stabilising subsequent month. As a outcome, some vendors are open to negotiating with shoppers, every now and then promoting the fruit at Rs 800 a dozen.

“There is numerous mango produce this season, but they’re coming from Ratnagiri, Devgad and Goa,” says fruit seller Dinu M. “Once other areas start supplying the fruit and extra sorts refill the local market, we will start reducing the rates.”

Dona Paula resident Sunil Das says, “Some individuals are able to pay hundreds, but it surely’s no longer reasonably priced for the average salaried person. We’ll must wait for 10-15 days for the rates to fall.”

Locals are also worried in regards to the high quality of mangoes these days to be had.

“Mangoes imported from other states are every now and then hastily ripened using urea, baking powder and other fertilizers,” stated Caranzalem resident B V Pai. “Fruits must be allowed to naturally ripen. A lot of people don't seem to be taken with buying mangoes now on account of these problems,” he stated.

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