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Labours file case against car parking's contractor

BENGALURU: The labour department had last 12 months issued 5 notices to contractor Chandranna for failing to procure a licence to employ employees for the auto park project, and in January, it filed a case towards him in a courtroom.

But the specter of punitive motion, it kind of feels, had no impact on him as he driven ahead with the development at RMC Yard. A portion of this structure collapsed early on Friday, killing two employees.

S Revanna, assistant commissioner, labour department, instructed NewsTread that it was mandatory for all contractors to seek a licence for hiring employees for development process. “In this case, the contractor didn't get the licence. We had sought an explanation and issued 5 notices November and December last 12 months. He by no means replied so we filed a complaint in a neighborhood courtroom,” Revanna said.

Chandranna was additionally accused of paying low wages to employees. “A labourer working in cities like Bengaluru must be paid a minimal wage of Rs 300 according to day. It was alleged that the contractor was paying not up to this sum to the employees,” he said.

Contractors even have to ensure employees get proper foods at buildings site, protection gear and shelter.

Meanwhile, a police officer said that even though a initial inquiry had suggested that free soil was a key factor in the cave in, best further tests can confirm the idea. The police have contacted soiltesting mavens.

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