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KMC team repairs breach in Tallah water pipe

KOLKATA: A Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) crew on Thursday in spite of everything found the underground water pipe close to Tallah bridge that had advanced a breach on Tuesday. The civic crew repaired the leak that had sprung up at a joint between two portions of the same pipe.

However, in step with a senior respectable, the restore paintings will proceed for 3 extra days to present the century-old pipe the specified power. “We want 3 extra days to find a permanent strategy to the pipe-breach problem. As this cast-iron pipe was once laid all through the Raj generation and is considered the lifeline to the town’s filtered water supply gadget, we wish to take extra care so that it does not increase to any extent further breaches,” the respectable said.

A water supply division crew have been trying to hint the breach in the pipe — with a diameter of 48 inches — that carries filtered water from Palta water remedy plant to Tallah water reservoir and pumping station. On Thursday, the crew in spite of everything succeeded in finding the spot 7m underneath the surface. “It is true our employees could not hint the breach previous. The process was once not simple as 3 other pipelines run parallel to this one,” he added.

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