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Jolted by outcry, ASI halts work near Golconda

HYDERABAD: Following public outcry and concerns from heritage activists about unauthorised structures threatening the stability of the Golconda fort, officials of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) have inspected the website and temporarily halted the construction works.

On Saturday, NewsTread had reported the unauthorised development of a sewage channel alongside the moat abutting the fortified walls of the monument the use of bulldozers and different heavy machinery. The officials who have inspected the website after the file was printed informed that the construction which was taking place has been stalled by means of ASI.

Sewage channel near Golconda Fort: Monumental forget, say activists

“I've individually inspected the website and what we came to grasp is that the GHMC was doing the structures there, however they've stopped after ASI had asked them to forestall the works. We will not permit any development that causes damage to the structure,” stated Milan Kumar Chauley, superintendent archaeologist, ASI. However, they've left the construction subject matter and the JCB in the similar position, Chauley added.

TOI had also reported that conservation architects emphasised that damage from development task taking place at such close proximity would no longer be restricted to the wall however would impact the entire structure.

Heritage activists working for the security of the structure stated the construction work which was taking place alongside the fort wall was barely 100 metres from the prohibited and safe zone of the heritage structure.

“We need the officials to completely stall all unauthorised structures in and around the monument. There is de facto no wish to construct a new sewage channel alongside the moat abutting the fortified wall. That will most effective ruin the entire drainage machine organized as according to contours,” stated Lubna Sarwath, a social activist and co-convenor of Save Our Urban Lakes.

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