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Its only boat gone, village cast adrift ahead of elections

NOIDA: A small village with about 20 folks on the electoral record has lost the one boat that will have helped them cross the Yamuna and taken them to the polling booth in Dadri.

Dalelpur, positioned around the Yamuna in Faridabad, technically falls in Greater Noida. As it is a part of the Dadri Assembly constituency, the villagers have best two techniques of travelling to the polling booth. If they take the street, it could mean a excellent 70km shuttle via Kalindi Kunj or the Eastern Peripheral Expressway in Greater Noida. The other path, although a lot shorter, is a bit more arduous. The villagers want to walk 2km to the Yamuna bank, ride a boat to cross the 200m huge river to Yakutpur, and take some public transport to the polling booth in Dadri.

But the one boat that the village had has now been washed away through the river current. Neeraj Tyagi, a Dalelpur resident, said they were pondering of skipping the vote. “A couple of years in the past, we had advanced a short lived bridge around the Yamuna. But the Noida Authority got rid of the construction, terming it illegal. We then purchased a boat, installed two poles at each the banks and connected them with a rope so that we can cross the river. This approach, we travelled to Noida and vice-versa. But a couple of days in the past, the boat was once washed away. We looked for the boat but may not find it,” he said.

On March 16, NewsTread had reported that Dalelpur lacked fundamental facilities. The village does not have a faculty, school, medical institution, bank or post-office. The villagers had accumulated Rs 22 lakh and constructed a highway connecting Dalelpur to neighbouring villages. However, the advance corporate engaged in construction of a railway line underneath a DMIC challenge broken the street.

Following the document, the district management had sent a team led through circle officer Shwetabh Pandey to the village. Pandey spoke to the villagers and confident them their problems can be addressed. Administrative officers declined touch upon development paintings at Dalelpur, citing enforcement of the fashion code of conduct. However, they said they'd have interaction a motorboat to help villagers succeed in the booth.

Srinivas Pradhan, former pradhan of Jaganpur-Afzalpur and Dalelpur villages, said price range for those areas stopped after the UP executive scrapped panchayat polls. “The 3 villages had elected me within the last local polls. However, in 2015, the UP executive notified those villages and decided against protecting local elections. The price range stopped after that,” he said. The pradhan said the boat was once washed away on Monday night time. “Water was once released from the Kalindi Kunj barrage and the boat was once washed away within the current. We will have interaction some fishermen to trace the boat,” he said.

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