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‘Industrial waste, sewage polluting wells in Candolim’

CALANGUTE: Chemical and sewage discharge from the Pilerne industrial estate has flowed into the wells and comes in Saipem ward, Candolim, rendering the water undeserving for ingesting and likewise claiming the lives of cattle ingesting from those water assets.

The Pilerne industrial estate is situated on a plateau area, while Saipem ward, in Candolim, lies under it. Speaking to TOI, citizens said in spite of complaining to the panchayat and the MLA, there was no remedial action forthcoming. The pollution of wells and comes has been going on for the previous couple of years, they said. “The water is undeserving for ingesting and plenty of cattle have died because of this,” a resident said.

Following court cases by Saipem citizens, Calangute MLA Michael Lobo, along with then environment minister Alina Saldanha, had visited the Pilerne industrial estate some years ago and located that the mandatory waste treatment vegetation in probably the most devices have been non-functional and sewage was once additionally being released into the drains that have been arrange for the economic estate.

Residents said lots of the devices proceed to discharge their waste into those drains which empty down the hill into Saipem. Ironically, the Goa State Pollution Control Board office is situated subsequent to the Pilerne industrial estate.

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