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India no more democracy: Gandhian Razi Ahmad

PATNA: Noted Patna-based Gandhian Razi Ahmad, who has not cast a unmarried vote for the final four a long time, believes that the democratic policies and ideologies of India have long past with the wind.

The octogenarian, who witnessed the technology of combat for freedom and the commitment of the then politicians to help the deficient, told this reporter, “Today’s political leaders and events don't talk about other folks and their problems. Those, who do, typically make false guarantees.”

Ahmad, secretary of Gandhi Sangrahalaya in Patna, rued that politics had changed into a trade and was mostly influenced via ‘bahubalis’ (muscle-men). “Parties nominate applicants with prison backgrounds right through elections and unusually, they win too,” he mentioned.

Recalling the first general election of 1951-52, Razi mentioned, “Back then, not unusual other folks did not perceive politics and the ability of voting. They had religion of their leaders, who were not handiest educated, but additionally worked at the grassroots level. They kept involved with not unusual other folks. However, that level of religion is missing these days.”

Asked what he thought of the preferred word ‘chowkidar’, the Gandhian responded, “It is excellent to be a ‘chowkidar’, but a real ‘chowkidar’ is person who follows the ideologies of poet Kabir Das: ‘Na Kahu Se Dosti, Na Kahu Se Bair’.”

Coming down closely on these days’s politicians, Razi mentioned, “The true that means of the hole phrase of our Preamble — ‘We, the people of India’ — is lost. India is now not a democratic nation as netas politicize problems in line with religion, caste, gender and sophistication. They don't care about other folks.”

He added, “The Election Commission of India is an useless frame as it has failed to prevent politicians from gaining make stronger of the loads at the basis of religion and caste. This is likely one of the reasons that I stopped exercising my franchise after the 1971 Lok Sabha polls.”

Born in 1933 in Begusarai, Razi has additionally witnessed incidents of sales space shooting right through polls. He mentioned, “This follow started after the 1962 Lok Sabha elections.”

The Gandhian laid emphasis at the Right to recall, a proposed legislation within the nation which will permit other folks to replace public servants keeping key posts within the govt. “That is the will of the hour. Why look forward to elections to replace an incompetent public servant?” he requested.

In 1974, socialist chief Jayaprakash Narayan (JP) had additionally spoken extensively at the matter. “The right to recall elected representatives was one of the vital key calls for of the JP movement and a big agenda at the time. JP tournament went to prison for protesting against the then leader minister Daroga Rai Prasad,” mentioned Razi, adding the have an effect on of the movement was observed across the nation, but these days, other folks have been afraid of the effects.

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