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HC relief for 84 flat buyers in stalled redevpt

MUMBAI: Bombay high court has come to the rescue of 84 families who had purchased flats in an underneath building redevelopment assignment in Bhandup this is now stalled as a result of disputes between the housing society and the developer.

Justice K R Shriram refused to vacate a court order directing the society to deal with establishment and restraining them from selling or developing 3rd party rights with regard to the flats sold to the 84 families.

“Based at the development agreement between the builder and the housing society, flats have been sold (to 84 clients). Each buyer paid considerable quantities to the developer. Therefore, if the status quo is vacated, and the society or any developer is going ahead and creates 3rd party rights with regard to (the 84) gadgets sold to plaintiffs, it could additionally reason them grave prejudice…,” stated Justice Shriram. The court stated the status quo order will proceed to perform till the suit by way of the flat clients is disposed of.

The 84 families had purchased flats within the underneath building project-- Arihant --at Bhandup between 2009 and 2010 that used to be being constructed by way of Saaga Infra Projects. The developer had signed a redevelopment agreement with Shree Gurudatta Police Society in 2008. As according to the agreement, the builder would construct a 17-storey development with 3 wings.

The society’s 168 members can be rehabilitated within the new development and round 84 flats have been sold within the open market. According to the plea filed by way of the flat clients, building came to a halt after 2012 and four storeys have been constructed. The flat clients approached the court after the society terminated the advance agreement with the builder.

“The society can't be accredited to oust the suitable of clients underneath the guise of termination of development agreement,” stated suggest Lakshmi Murali, recommend for the flat clients.

The society instructed the court to set aside the status quo order as no different developer used to be prepared to enroll in arms with it. The court pointed out the status quo used to be now not the only reason as the society used to be yet to get its name lodged within the assets card.

“So many shoppers have invested their existence’s profits. We are prepared to finish the assignment, however it sounds as if the society isn't interested within the welfare of its members,” stated Y K Deodhar, one of the vital patrons.

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