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Hailakandi district admn asks SEBA to take action against school

HAILAKANDI: The Hailakandi district management in south Assam has asked the Board of Secondary Education (SEBA) to take appropriate motion towards a faculty for sending minor school students in uniform to a political rally at Panchgram.

In a letter to the secretary, SEBA on Friday, Deputy Commissioner-cum-District Election Officer, Keerthi Jalli said the government of Oxford School despatched a lot of minor students to the Congress rally at Intake Field on Tuesday all the way through school hours in gross violation of the Model Code of Conduct and Representation of People's Act, 1951.

Stating the act was a gross violation of the accept as true with laid via the parents of the wards at the school government, Jalli said.

"It was raining that day and a large number of people had gathered for a political meeting. There was every possibility of a stampede in such a large crowd. The school authorities in fact have willingly sent the students along with their teachers as per video received through Static Surveillance Team."

Terming the habits of the college government as "very much negligent, indulgent and irresponsible towards their duties, as the parents were unaware of the incident", Jalli asked the secretary, SEBA to initiate necessary motion as according to provisions of personal school management Act and different relevant rules, said a central authority free up on Saturday.

Earlier on April 10 additionally the Hailakandi district management had issued display motive realize to some schools for sending students to the Congress rally of Rahul Gandhi the day ahead of at Panchgram violating the Model Code of Conduct.

Issuing the display motive realize to the schools, the DEO had asked the heads of the learning establishments as to why rapid motion including cancellation of certification and permission to run the schools be not initiated for violation of the Model Code of Conduct and Representation of People's Act, 1951, it said.

Taking severe view of the presence of large collection of students in uniforms within the Congress rally at Intake Field in Panchgram , the DEO in her display motive realize to the heads of the schools said, "You have insulted your position as an educator, the noblest of professions," the discharge added.

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