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Hail, gusty winds destroy 60% of mulberry crop

PUNE: Hail and gusty winds have destroyed 60% of the mulberry crop in Mahabaleshwar.

Rough estimates from the All India Strawberry Growers’ Association indicated the quantum of wear on Tuesday. The state agriculture department remains to be compiling data at the losses.

Reports from farmers indicated that some losses had occurred in case of mulberry, oranges, grapes and mangoes. The lack of mangoes and grapes had been meagre, although.

Nitin Bhilare, the president of the All India Strawberry Growers’ Association, mentioned contemporary gusty winds coupled with hailstones resulted in 70% fruit dropping from mulberry timber. “Mulberry is a delicate fruit. Strong winds and hail affect it adversely. April and May are one of the main seasons for mulberries in Mahabaleshwar. Hence, the affect of inclement weather has been important,” he mentioned.

Mahabaleshwar produces approximately 10-20 tonnes of mulberry in line with season. The contemporary weather events affected 10-12 tonnes of the produce, mentioned Bhilare.

Kailash Bhosale, treasurer, Maharashtra Grape Growers’ Association, mentioned most effective 20% of grapes were recently in fields in Maharashtra and the hot inclement weather events affected approximately 5% of the produce. “Some effect has been observed in Sangli, Solapur, Ahmednagar and Nashik, particularly in places the place the hailstorm occurred,” he mentioned.

Gusty winds also resulted in fruit dropping from orange timber, mentioned Rushikesh Sontakke, an orange grower in Anjangaon Surji in Amravati. “The incidence of gusty winds has higher over the last couple of days, which has caused 40% of fruit dropping from timber,” he mentioned.

Vivek Bhide, the chairman of the Konkan Mango Growers’ and Sellers’ Association, instructed NewsTread that there have been stories of scattered losses of mangoes. “The unseasonal rain will build up the likelihood of fungal an infection in mangoes, which can have an effect on the standard of the fruit. Mangoes are grown in two belts — close to Sahyadri and as regards to the ocean. We have heard more stories of unseasonal rain occurring in the Sahayadri facet,” mentioned Bhide.

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