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'Had police not intervened, mishap would have occurred'

AMBALA: Three days after the inmates of the juvenile remark home had brawled over a television set, the Ambala police have issued a rationalization over the alleged beating of the minors.

In a press note launched by means of the SP administrative center, Ambala DSP Sultan Singh mentioned, "On April 12, during a brawl between the inmates of the observation home, the juveniles attacked each other and damaged valuables. When the home staff tried to pacify them, the juveniles attacked them."

"As tension mounted at the home, superintendent Ram Kumar informed the police. My seniors instructed me to inspect the situation. When I reached the spot along with Ambala city SHO, both the groups were pacified and the situation was controlled peacefully," mentioned the DSP.

During the ruckus, the inmates had crushed up every other and damaged the TV, CCTV cameras, washroom doors, water camper, dustbin, bathroom seat, wall banner, criticism box, room doors and so forth. "Had the police not reached on time, a bigger mishap would have taken place at the home. The police have pacified both the groups as per the rules and it did not use any force against any inmate."

On Sunday, the individuals of Child Welfare Committee, mentioned, "Nearly 50 juveniles have alleged that they were beaten up by cops on Friday evening and Saturday morning. During our visit, we found that nearly 35 of them have injury marks and five have fractures. Till Sunday morning no medical examination of the inmates was conducted."

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