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Goregaon: 2 students held for murder of collegian

MUMBAI: Two college scholars, accused of killing an 18-year-old collegian for having stared at them, have been held from Goregaon (E) recently. The duo, aged 16 and 17, had accosted collegian, Ghulamsingh Gusai, on Friday when he stepped out to buy milk. They fled after the homicide. Kurar police traced them inside 24 hours and despatched them to Dongri observation house.

Police said the accused and Gusai had clashed previous over trivial issues they usually had a grudge towards him as they concept he would stare at them and try to humiliate them.

On April 12, they came face-to-face with Gusai when he stepped out with a chum to buy milk. Gusai and the 2 traded abuses they usually pushed him to the ground and stood with one foot on his head. They kicked him at the head, inflicting him to land on a rock and bleed profusely. Leaving him to die, they fled. Gusai's pal informed his circle of relatives and he was taken to hospital.

"Our informants told us they were hiding in Santosh Nagar," detection officer Dhanesh Satardekar said.

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