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Farmers seek payment of crop insurance

RAJKOT: Farmers held a rally in Rajkot on Thursday in the hunt for unlock of crop insurance coverage, particularly in the ones talukas which had been declared drought-affected officially by the state govt. The agitating farmers, who additionally demanded permission for euthanasia, clashed with the police. Cops detained 34 farmers, together with 8 ladies, who were released later.

The Bhartiya Kisan Sangh which organised the rally in Rajkot has alleged that the insurance coverage corporate and govt did injustice to the farmers whilst paying crop insurance coverage. Around 29 farmers have committed suicide inside of a year because of crop failure and financial crunch.

President of Rajkot unit of Bhartiya Kisan Sangh, Dilip Sakhia mentioned, “The govt itself declared Padadhri and Vichiya taluka drought-affected. However, until date no assistance has been won as in line with the prevalent laws. The farmers and livestock breeders here are dealing with immense issues for water and fodder, particularly grass.”

The farmers additionally held a public assembly close to race direction and wanted to take the rally to the collector’s place of job to put up a memorandum. However, police avoided them from doing so leading to a clash between them and the agitating farmers. After heated arguments with the police, the collector allowed five representatives of the farmers’ association to go into into the place of job and put up their memorandum.

The Bhartiya Kisan Sangh additionally submitted a memorandum demanding cost of crop insurance coverage from October closing year. The organization mentioned that during many talukas the quantity is but to be released and in some talukas, where it has been, the quantity could be very less. The farmers additionally alleged that during 2016-17, the insurance coverage corporate paid claims for groundnut crop, but now not for cotton.

The memorandum pointed a major gaffe on part of the federal government whilst paying insurance coverage. It requested: “How come the federal government does now not know that if groundnut crop fails because of insufficient rain in a space, then other crops in the same space would fail for the same reason too?”

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