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EU parliamentary committee backs visa-free travel for Britons after Brexit

BRUSSELS: A European Parliament committee on Wednesday backed giving Britons the correct to trip to the European Union with out visas after Brexit, following weeks of controversy over the way the draft legislation dubs Gibraltar a UK "colony".

As the EU prepares for Brexit, Spain - which ceded Gibraltar to Britain after an 18th century warfare - insisted that the United Kingdom territory be described that manner in the draft law, which has disenchanted London.

EU member states were then not able to agree on a joint place with the European Parliament for weeks because the lawmakers' point man for the record, Briton Claude Moraes, blocked it over the usage of the term "colony", while other capitals took the facet of Madrid.

As Britain faces the risk of an abrupt split from the bloc once next week, EU states put power on the parliament this week to approve the record, with the chamber's head eventually disposing of Moraes from his function in an extraordinary step.

The new so-called parliamentary rapporteur, Bulgarian EU lawmaker Sergei Stanishev, was once picked on Tuesday, and on Wednesday spoke earlier than the committee voted 38 to 8 in favour of the law, which nonetheless calls Gibraltar a UK "colony".

"The 12th of April is coming and the faith of millions of UK citizens and EU citizens and their right to travel is in our hands," he said when asking the committee to again the proposal.

Some lawmakers said the legislation was once "ludicrous", accused the Spanish government of intransigence ahead of nationwide elections later this month, and complained about how the European Council which brings together member states bulldozed the European Parliament on the factor.

The choice must nonetheless be approved via a plenary consultation of the EU parliament on Thursday to become EU law.

It would give Britons visa-free trip to the EU even in the match of a no-deal Brexit, on condition that Britain offers the similar phrases to EU citizens visiting for up to 90 days.

EU leaders next meet on Brexit on April 10. British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Tuesday that she would be asking them for another Brexit delay past April 12 to agree her stalled EU divorce care for the opposition Labour celebration in the hope that it could then be ratified via the United Kingdom parliament.

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