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Don’t sell land close to Dravyavati: Rajasthan High Court

JAIPUR: A department bench of Rajasthan High Court on Friday asked Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) to verify land with reference to the Dravyavati river should now not be offered till the width of the river is mounted. The court docket further asked JDA government to continue the paintings of planting of bushes and construction of the walkway.

A bench comprising Justice Mohammad Rafiq and Goverdhan Bardhar gave the meantime order at the PIL filed by way of one PN Mendola. During the lawsuits, the income department additionally submitted the report of 12 villages out of 34 villages, from where the Dravyavati river used to waft since 1955.

Mendola’s counsel knowledgeable the court docket that individuals are promoting off the land which is with reference to the river, while JDA maintained that they had been promoting off the realm which is 20 metre clear of of the river. The bench categorically asked the JDA to not sell off any land with reference to Dravyavati river.

Earlier, the court docket had asked the state government and the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) to post income data along with the super-imposed map of the Dravyavati river, from the date on which Rajasthan Tenancy Act, 1955 came into force and until the Dravyavati river mission was launched.

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