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Dept insider may be behind killing: Neha’s husband

MOHALI: Varun Monga, the husband of drug licensing officer Neha Shoree, has dominated out revenge because the reason for the murder of his spouse, suspecting the involvement of a few ‘insiders’ in her department (food and drug management).

“There was once no means Balwinder waited for 10 years, all of sudden got a licence made, purchased a weapon, and killed Neha inside of a fortnight,” mentioned Varun, alleging Balwinder was once employed through somebody and some insider was once associated with the drug mafia. “The killer purchased a pistol in urgency. So, there should be some reason for him that he was once so desperate to kill her. If he was once in a rush, how may he look forward to 10 years. He killed her in a crowded workplace with an authorized gun. It shows he didn't want to disguise his identification.”

Varun demanded a CBI probe into the killing, asking the agency to investigate the involvement of all those associated with the case, together with senior government officers at her department. He mentioned Neha had advised him that some folks within the workplace have been desperate to get her transferred out and wanted to grasp her position.

“I want a good probe within the case. They are people who have a large number of energy within the system. The collection of events show that some powerful persons are involved within the incident. The racket could be drug mafia, it could be the dept. You can not overrule anything without being investigated. There are various information which should be verified,” he mentioned.

On the call for for CBI inquiry, he mentioned, “If there is chance that some powerful components can affect the investigation, why can not we get the case investigated from the most efficient agency? We want expeditious and truthful probe. It should not be manipulated. I can't get my spouse again. I will only imagine her suffering. At least, I will hope that we have a good probe.”

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