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Crucial hearing in Delhi HC on WC audio feed rights issue

NEW DELHI: The tussle between sports activities content distribution corporate India Sports Flashes Pvt Ltd and Prasar Bharati over the audio feed rights for the impending ICC Cricket World Cup will come up for hearing within the Delhi High Court on Wednesday.

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India Sports Flashes has alleged that when they approached Prasar Bharati to proportion the audio content for the World Cup (radio statement) on a revenue sharing style, they have been requested to sell their rights totally to the state frame, which they unquestionably do not want to do.

According to the petition they filed earlier in court, the corporate alleged - "they (Prasar Bharati) are by using their authority as a state entity, restricting the entry of other private companies to acquire the sub license for the same product by arm twisting the petitioner before hand, so that later, the respondent themselves could further sub license the radio broadcast feed".

The High court sought to listen to Prasar Bharati's stand after India Sports filed the petition, however the state-owned agency, consistent with India Sports Flashes' lawyer, recommend Rajneesh Chopra has now not spoke back yet, after being given 10 days time to respond on April 2.

Speaking to, Rajneesh Chopra sounded fairly confident sooner than the hearing listed for April 24 pronouncing, "We have a very strong case because we believe we are covered under the sports act and the moment we are covered under it, Prasar Bharati has to treat us as prescribed by the sports act."

Chopra additionally stated that they're going to appeal to the court to pronounce the final verdict as the World Cup is just across the corner.

"We would be pressing hard to get the final outcome because the World Cup is near. We would be telling and appealing the Honorable court that this is a matter of great urgency and even of public importance. In case the matter is not settled in time we will not be able to share the feed with Prasar Bharati and in return there will be financial loss and there will be loss of game as nobody will be able to hear the commentary on radio anymore. Certainly the entire World Cup will not be on radio," Chopra stated.

He additionally made it clear that it's obligatory for his client to proportion the feed with Prasar Bharati underneath the sports activities act. And they took this subject to court as a result of, consistent with them, Prasar Bharati has requested for your complete audio rights and now not the feed on a revenue sharing style as according to the sports activities act.

India Sports knocked at the court's door after Prasar Bharati didn't reply to their e-mail which was sent within the first week of March this year. The High Court requested Prasar Bharati to respond within 10 days and India Flashes to respond to Prasar Bharati's response within seven days of the State frame having spoke back.

The ultimate outcome of this case might be crucial, as a result of it would have an effect on World Cup audio statement on radio in India. With the World Cup beginning on May 30, time is operating out.

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